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How to create a website?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

You have an idea to start a business and need a website, or maybe you want to share your thoughts and you want your own blog website for this. There can be many reasons, but it is not the point now —this article is about how to create a website.

So your first step is to get a domain.

For this, you should search "Buy a domain" in Google.

So choose a service you like and buy a domain name you have in your mind.

When it's done go to Google and search for "Website builder".

There are many offers. Be attentive while choosing. You should understand your business and have some vision for the future of your project. It is easy to manage your site when you have a small amount of content and data, but it becomes hard when your project is in full swing. I offer to pay attention to:

  • CMS features

  • Editorial tools

  • Documentation

  • Traffic

  • Support

  • Compatibility with other platforms

So, well done!

Go ahead and now you should search for "Website hosting" on Google.

Many platforms offering website builder services have a hosting too. But again look carefully at their proposal. If you are a newcomer, start with a cheap package. Explore it for some time and if the service suits you you can shift your plan to the expanded versions.

To summarize, to create a website you need:

  • domain

  • website builder

  • hosting

Good luck!

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